What are LK Tools' injection molding capabilities?

LK Tools specializes in plastic and liquid silicone rubber molding, offering services like overmolding and insert molding for low-volume production ranging from 25 to over 10,000 pieces. We pride ourselves on our rapid injection molding, with standard lead times as quick as 7 days, to help developers get functional prototypes and production parts rapidly.

Getting a Quote from LK Tools?

To receive a custom quote for your project with LK Tools, you have two convenient options:

Use the “Get Quote” button on our website. Simply fill out the form and upload your CAD data and project details.

Email us directly with your CAD data and project specifications at info@lk-tools.com.

Once we receive your request, our team commits to reaching out within 12 hours with a comprehensive quotation and a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis.

What resins can (or should) I use?

When selecting a resin, designers should consider various factors, including tensile strength, impact resistance, ductility, mechanical characteristics, molding properties, and cost. If you're uncertain about which material to choose, our team at LK Tools is available to assist you with expert material selection advice.

What are LK Tools’ capabilities? What size can my part be?

LK Tools offers comprehensive injection molding services tailored to your needs. For specific information on part size limitations and other design considerations, please refer to our design guidelines.

Why should I buy a molded part rather than a 3D-printed part?

Choosing a molded part from LK Tools ensures that you receive components with the true material properties of your selected resin. Injection-molded parts offer enhanced surface finishes and are ideal for functional testing and end-use production, surpassing the typical quality of 3D-printed parts.

What are LK Tools' CNC machining capabilities?

LK Tools specializes in milling and turning with the ability to produce low quantities (one to 200 pieces) of parts within a rapid turnaround time of 1 to 3 business days. We work with engineering-grade materials ideal for functional testing or final use in end-use applications.

What is unique about the LK Tools' process?

To get a prompt quote from LK Tools, simply send us an email with the following information: 1. Detailed drawings (acceptable formats include CAD, PDF, DWG, IGES, STEP), 2. Material specifications, 3. Quantity, 4. Surface treatment details, and 5. Any special packaging or other requirements you might have.

What materials does LK Tools offer for machining?

Our inventory includes an extensive range of over 40 stocked materials for CNC machining, including plastics like ABS, nylon, PC, and PP, as well as metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. We do not accept customer-supplied materials for machining. To view the full list, visit our materials page.

What are LK Tools' machining capabilities? What are the minimum and maximum sizes offered?

For detailed part size limitations and other important considerations for CNC milling and turning, please refer to our milling design guidelines and turning design guidelines.

Why should I have my part machined rather than 3D printed?

Choosing CNC machining means your parts will possess the true material properties of your selected substrate. Our efficient process enables you to receive parts machined from solid blocks of plastic or metal, often in the same time frame or even faster than it would take to 3D print them.

What are LK Tools’ sheet metal capabilities?

LK Tools can fabricate functional prototypes and end-use sheet metal parts with a rapid turnaround time of as fast as 3 days.

What is unique about the LK Tools’ process?

LK Tools leverages design and manufacturing automation to deliver high-quality sheet metal parts quickly, often within days of placing an order.

How does the sheet metal quoting process work?

To obtain a sheet metal quote from LK Tools, simply upload your CAD model and specifications directly to our website at https://www.lk-tools.com. You can expect to receive a detailed quote within hours of your submission.

What are LK Tools stocked materials for sheet metal?

Our inventory for sheet metal fabrication includes an array of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. For a comprehensive list of stocked materials, please visit our materials page.

What are LK Tools’ capabilities? What size can my part be?

For specifics regarding part sizes and other important factors in sheet metal fabrication, please refer to our sheet metal design guidelines available on our website.

How is 3D printing different at LK Tools?

LK Tools is dedicated to delivering the fastest, high-quality prototypes and production parts in the industry. We use the latest industrial-grade 3D printing technology, implementing tight process controls and regular maintenance to ensure peak performance. Our skilled team produces your parts using precision-driven procedures.

What is stereolithography?

Stereolithography (SL) is a veteran 3D printing technology prized for its accuracy, surface finish, and resolution. It utilizes an ultraviolet laser to solidify a liquid thermoset resin, layer by layer, to create intricate 3D models. Though SL parts may have material properties less robust than those made with selective laser sintering (SLS), they boast superior surface detail.

What is selective laser sintering?

Selective laser sintering (SLS) employs a CO2 laser to fuse thermoplastic powder into solid structures, layer by layer. It produces parts with greater durability due to the use of actual engineering thermoplastics.

What is PolyJet?

PolyJet technology excels at creating prototypes that incorporate a range of materials and durometers, ideal for parts with elastomeric characteristics such as gaskets and housings. It jets small droplets of photopolymer, which are cured in layers, resulting in multi-material parts that require minimal post-processing.

What is direct metal laser sintering?

Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) builds parts by welding atomized metal powder with a fiber laser, layer by layer. This process creates highly dense (99.5%) parts using various alloys, enabling the production of functional hardware with complex internal geometries.

What companies do you work with?

While we maintain the confidentiality of our client projects, we occasionally share success stories with their permission.

I don’t have a 3D CAD model. Can you create one for me?

Currently, LK Tools does not provide design services. However, we can guide you to design firms familiar with our processes. Please reach out via email for recommendations.

Why Partner with LK Tools for Your Manufacturing Needs?

LK Tools brings precision and efficiency to the forefront with our suite of industrial services: 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding. By utilizing your 3D CAD model to produce parts, we significantly reduce errors. Our proprietary software enhances the process further by automating toolpath generation, thus accelerating manufacturing times and lowering costs for your projects.

Collaboration with Various Companies

At LK Tools, we handle projects that often involve proprietary details and a competitive edge, which is why we maintain confidentiality and do not publicly list our clients. However, we take pride in being able to share success stories with you, which you can read here with permission from those clients.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Policy

It is not a requirement to sign an NDA to work with us. We ensure the security of your designs with advanced encryption as soon as you upload your CAD model to our platform, protecting your intellectual property under strict confidentiality. For more details, feel free to reach out to your account representative.

Industries Benefiting from Our Services

LK Tools serves a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to medical devices, automotive, lighting, aerospace, technology, consumer products, and electronics. Our expertise is broad and adaptable to the specific needs of each sector.

Choosing Between Machining and Injection Molding

CNC machining should be your first choice when you need to test prototypes or low-volume parts that must closely match the final production pieces. Unlike traditional shops that impose high NRE fees for small quantities, our automated CNC machining process offers an affordable solution for quantities as low as a single part, with rapid delivery times. Injection molding is more suited for larger sample sizes required for extensive functional testing, market testing, bridge tooling, or low-volume production. LK Tools can deliver up to 10,000+ parts within 1-20 days, even if steel tooling isn't yet available for your project.

Quoting Process

To receive a quote for any of our services, simply upload your 3D CAD model on our website. You'll receive an interactive quote with design feedback within hours. Our system will also identify and provide advice on any potential manufacturing issues present in your design.

Requesting Quotes for Multiple Services

While you can obtain quotes for injection molding and machining in one go, a separate request is needed to get a quote for 3D printing services.

Accepted File Types

LK Tools accepts a variety of file formats, including native SolidWorks (.sldprt), ProE (.prt), and solid 3D CAD models from other systems in IGES (.igs), STEP (.stp), ACIS (.sat), or Parasolid (.x_t or .x_b) formats. We are also equipped to handle .stl files.

Design Services

Currently, LK Tools does not offer design services. If you need help creating a 3D CAD model, contact us via email, and we will provide you with information about designers who are well-versed in our processes and can assist you.

Finishing Options and Secondary Processes

We offer a variety of finishing options and secondary processes for 3D printing, sheet metal, and injection molding. At this time, secondary processes for CNC machining are not available.

First Article Inspection (FAI) Services

LK Tools provides FAI services for parts that have been CNC machined or injection molded, ensuring quality and precision right from the start of your manufacturing journey with us.